Dear Destiny




Dear Destiny is a short film that follows a young girl named Destiny as she writes a letter to her future self after the recent loss of her father. While expressing her thoughts concerning what could be in the envelope he left her, her imagination takes control and sends her on a journey unlike any other. With her heart, curiosity, and Gregory the bear she will learn the value of staying true to herself.  It's currently in a film festival run, so it won't be available to the public til Summer 2022


When developing the story, I wanted it to be relative to what is happening in the world today, as well as something mostly everyone can relate to. As a black man, I am constantly being told the standards a person of my color should meet in order to be classified as “beautiful”. I wanted to create a story of a person who shares the same insecurities I once possessed as well as something we all have. I also designed for her hair to reflect how imaginative Destiny is. Check out some of my concept art below!



When I began promoting the release of the short, I wanted it to feel as if it was actually releasing in theaters. I edited a trailer, ran a social media account and put posters around campus.

Dear Destiny Theater Mockup
Dear Destiny